Visual Collective Photography Workshops

Visual Collective photography workshops are operated by Beau Mitchell and Simon Beedle, both award-winning landscape photographers, who have traveled extensively around Australia's vast landscape honing their craft for a combined 20 years.

Our workshops are designed to suit a wide-range of abilities - from amateur hobbyist to semi-professional - and will be an all round enjoyable experience, including on-location lessons, digital darkroom tutorials, high class accommodation, meals, and transport.

Beau Mitchell

It was during a one-week visit to Darwin in 2006, visiting the grand landscapes of Litchfield and Kakadu National Parks, that Beau's interest in landscape photography was put into motion. Shortly after that trip Beau acquired his first DSLR and began passionately learning as much as he could about photography and obsessively adding to his portfolio.

As a completely self taught photographer, over the years Beau has developed his own distinct style of photograph; that of strong composition, vibrant colour and deep contrast.


Simon Beedle

Simon is drawn to the diversity of nature -- from Australia's red soil center, the alpine regions of the high country and the aqua cays of the Great Barrier reef. His combined passion for the outdoors and travel enables him to create iconic images from Australia's diverse landscape, New Zealand and the world.

Simon believes photographs have to provoke an emotion, represent the landscape and tell a story.